The VP Construction role is to oversee and direct overall operations of the construction department. This position also interfaces with the Estimation/Proposal departments to secure quality projects. The incumbent must be able to oversee multiple construction projects running concurrently while ensuring the achievement of corporate objectives and profitability. All functions and responsibilities must be performed in-line with company’s corporate values and beliefs.

Principal Responsibilities/Tasks:

Employee Management
- Mentor/coach direct and indirect reports
- Develop, implement and ensure compliance of policies & procedures
- Involvement in health & safety in construction & office environment
- Employee communication
- Long-term staffing (recruitment, resource allocation, terminations)
- Make compensation recommendations for office employees and determine compensation for employees hired for the projects
- Deliver feedback and manage performance management program
- Promote employee professional development and training, ensuring employees are current with their technical skills and developments in the industry
- Reinforce & promote company values

Level of authority/accountability related to employee management:
Hiring, re-assigning, and terminating employees:
- Team selection for current and future projects
- Compensation
- Certain administrative procedures

Business Development
- Maintain client relationships through regular meetings
- Develop & maintain relationships with industry people
- Participate in the development, presentation, and negotiation of project proposals
- Review estimates/proposals pre & post closings
- Choose projects by assessment of project suitability & strategy
- Assist with marketing & promotional activities
- Attend pipeline meetings
- Research and develop value engineering opportunities
- Assist in pre-construction meetings to ensure the transfer of knowledge

Level of authority/accountability related to business development:
- Assist in the decision to bid or not bid a potential project
- Manage pipeline of current and future work to position resources that will enable job satisfaction, top performance and growth potential.
- Develop opportunities by marketing and cultivating relationships to increase potential of future work.

Oversee the project management of the construction team
- Establish short-term staffing needs for projects
- Problem solving of exceptional issues
- Participate in pre-construction meetings
- Oversee the management of project teams by ensuring scheduling, quality, planning, coordinating tasks are all respected.
- Review of project status updates to ensure that they are done and comply with procedures
- Develop and monitor master schedules to ensure feasibility and identify/assess risks
- Implement and maintain a formal quality control program
- Occasional participation in project meetings with Project Directors/Project Managers

Level of authority/accountability related to project management:
- Resource requirements, deciding on which staff members should do what project.
- Approach and content to proposals
- Certain policies, best practices and interpretations
- Make the final call on major decisions (financial and schedule related) for ongoing projects during the construction process when project team is lacking the experience or when asked.
- Oversee the management of project teams by ensuring scheduling, quality, planning, coordinating tasks are all respected

Oversee Operations & Procedures
- Review & improve reporting, procedures, requirements & systems
- Participate in project management meetings
- Attend Executive staff meetings
- Inventory management

Level of authority/accountability related to Operations & Procedures:
- Improving the effectiveness of the department by improving reporting, procedures, systems, mentoring, and attainable performance goals.
- IT expense approvals

- Problem resolution
- Support & assist PMs with critical strategy/decisions
- Research & develop value engineering opportunities
- Be a technical resource for Project Managers and a soft skill resource for employee management

Project Director Functions
- Administer the Project Director functions when required

Education Requirements:

There is no formal education requirement for this position.

Years of prior working experience required:

Minimum 15 years

Abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits (behaviors) required for successful performance:

- Bilingual
- Strong communication skills (oral & written)
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Judgment
- Knowledge of construction industry
- Business acumen
- Technical judgment
- Project management

Organizational Structure:

Job Title(s) this position reports to: President and Managing Director

Job Titles directly reporting to this position:
Project Directors, Project Managers, Executive Assistant (where applicable), Health & Safety Manager

Internal positions and/or external parties this position communicates with:

Owners, clients, trades, co-workers

Working Hours and Travel Requirements:

Standard Work Week: 40 hrs

Normal Overtime Requirements: as required

Travel Requirements: Site visits

General Working Conditions:

Physical Conditions:
90% sitting (talking on phone, working on computer, attending meetings)
10% walking around

Environmental conditions:
90% Office environment
10% On-site