Senior Estimator

Basic Function and Scope of Responsibilities:

To respond to tender calls by preparing a detailed pre-construction cost estimate budget for residential, commercial, or industrial projects based on conceptual plans, preliminary specifications, hard bid tenders and other client documentation.The incumbent also assists in the development and build of remarkable buildings, fostering enduring relationships with our people, partners and clients.

Principal Responsibilities/Tasks:

Respond to Tender Calls
- Obtain and review bid and Request For Proposal documents
- Prepare outline and summarize trade list for invitation to trades
- Quantify all elements of the project
- Find new trades based on project scope
- Invite maximum number of trades in order to achieve a minimum of three trades per division
- Liaise with trades to clarify expectations
- Perform detailed tender analysis spreadsheets
- Review and complete subcontractor bids

Prepare Job Outline
- Review drawings and/or tender documents
- Analyze specifications
- Determine which divisions are required to apply
- Sketch out plans including elevations and other details for the bidders to know what they need to include in their bid proposal.
- Review design options in order to give value-engineering ideas to the client or appropriate professional

Develop a design with assumed qualifications (for design-build proposal)
- Design and optimize all aspects, either the architectural, civil and structural elements to meet code requirements
- Make a list of qualifications
- Send the list of design qualifications, if trade pricing is required
- Formulate and populate the customized master “Job Outline & Job Cost” document
- Analyze the various sub-contractor bids and present recommendations to chief estimator
- Determine a construction schedule in order to formulate the estimated project duration
- Analyze the general conditions scope and provide recommendations to the chief estimator when closing the job
- Cross reference estimates with trades pricing
- Keep subcontractors informed of the project status on a daily basis

Prepare Job Cost
- Analyze quotes received from trades
- When costing analyses is complete, enter numbers in job cost and ensure that all divisions are represented
- Respond to and guide trades with their queries and scopes of work
- Quantify or perform detailed quantity take-offs (using Winest software) for the different materials in order to prepare an overall material list which will be used to validate the sub trades tender prices
- Enter adjusted prices in outline
- Perform manual takeoffs on drawing boards
- Prepare detailed budget proposals including estimates of labour, material costs, general expenses and overhead costs
- Finalize costs and prepare final proposals for clients

Training and support
- Guide the new estimators with their training
- Provide support to Project Managers and Project Coordinators after the tendered projects goes to the execution phase of construction

Updating the database
- Ensure the database is updated at regular intervals
- Ensure the software is populated & with new assemblies & customized to project scope of work
- Identify and report bugs in the software to the software developers

Level of authority/accountability:

The Senior Estimator has the authority to decide which construction methods and details the sub contractor should use in order for them to price the job in their respective specialty. This position can make non binding decisions on the cost estimates, which are then approved by the Chief Estimator.

Education Requirements:

CEGEP level

Years of prior working experience required:

Minimum 5 years

Abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits (behaviors) required for successful performance:

- Bilingual
- Knowledge of the construction industry
- Able to read architectural drawings
- Strong organizational skills
- Strong communication skills
- Able to work under pressure
- Strong computer skills (including spreadsheets)
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Strong analytical skills
- Able to work with minimal supervision
- Attention to detail
- Demonstrates the company’s core values: Pride and Passion, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Collaboration, Integrity

Organizational Structure:

Job Title(s) this position reports to:
Chief Estimator, VP Estimation

Job Titles directly reporting to this position:
Estimators, Estimation Coordinator

Internal positions and/or external parties this position communicates with:

Internal: VP Estimation, Chief Estimator, Estimators, Estimation Coordinator, Project Managers, Project Coordinators

External: Sub-trades, professional, clients

Travel Requirements:

Site visits