Civil Engineer II

This position entails taking on a leading role in the management and design of the civil engineering components of wind farm projects which include but not limited to roads, turbine foundations and foundations for electrical substations, switchyards and
other equipment. Must be bilingual in French and English.

1. Carry out and/or be in responsible charge in the production of detailed, code-compliant
design calculations of wind turbine foundations and other concrete structures.
2. Carry out civil design of roads, including cuttings and embankments.
3. Be responsible for the technical accuracy, quality, and compliance with standards and
contract requirements.
4. Work closely with the owners’ engineers to approve foundation designs.
5. Develop material and construction specifications and scopes of work in French and/or English.
6. Evaluate geotechnical information and turbine loading data which form the basis for the design of foundations and other civil components of the wind farm.
7. Supervise the work of CAD staff to produce working sets of foundation and road
construction drawings in French and/or English.
8. Answer TEF (Technical Enquiry Forms), review shop drawings, foundation designs and
engineering documents prepared by sub-consultants.
9. Support construction teams working on US and Canadian projects by liaising with
company’s site civil managers to establish good communication between the sites and
the design team.
10. Understand contract terms and be able to recognize discrepancies.
11. Stay current with changing regulatory requirements.

1. Minimum 7 years of proven civil, geotechnical and/or structural engineering design experience that includes concrete design.
2. Québec P. Eng and ability to obtain registration in other Canadian Provinces on short notice.
3. Fluent in French and English.
4. Be knowledgeable of Canadian design code requirements and design standards such as
CSA, and be versed in engineering design per ASD, LRFD and LSD methods.
5. Be able to work independently in performing the core requirements of the position.
6. Have working knowledge of computer programs used in engineering analysis and design
such as Finite Element programs, foundation design tools, MathCAD, EXCEL and etc...
7. Possess good communication skills for interfacing with design team members and
8. Knowledge of CAD software (AutoCAD and/or Microstation).
9. Fluent in French and English.

BS Engineering degree in construction related areas such as Civil, Structural or Geotechnical Engineering; Québec P. Eng. and ability to obtain registration in other
Canadian Provinces on short notice; Fluent in French and English.