Academic Institutions 


In recent years, institutions have been experiencing more and more difficulty recruiting management staff, a fact that has affected them in many areas of activity. The retirement of a growing number of management personnel is certainly one factor, but the tendency towards more mobility among management and executives, the uncertainty of being able to recruit the right candidates from within the networks, and the mitigated success of traditional recruitment practices are also contributing factors. As well, traditional recruitment firms are often unfamiliar with the world of post-secondary education, its traditions, and its culture.

Exogène Recruitment and Strategic Management Services, already very active in the private sector, was founded in February 2008 by Keith W. Henderson, until recently Director General of a College, and Catharine Harris, well-known in the recruitment industry with over 25 years of experience. In Education, our firm can also count on the expertise of a team of associates who are known in the various networks and who have served at all levels of educational management, including that of CEO.

The Centre Collégial des Services Regroupés of the Fédération des cégeps, as part of an array of initiatives aimed at facilitating the recruitment of managers and senior managers needed in the college network , has entered into an exclusive arrangement with EXOGÈNE RECRUITMENT AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SERVICES in order to avail colleges of its services.